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Thank You
March 2, 2016

Fellow Texan,

It is with great humility and a servants heart that I thank the people of the 8th Congressional District for honoring me with their trust and choosing me as their Republican nominee.

I’m blessed with incredible supporters, beginning with my wife and family — who went through a lot during this difficult race. But they stood by me, and you stood by us.

Through this election, the people of our region affirmed their desire to have a conservative voice in Washington who is working to dismantle the destructive agenda Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have forced on our nation.  My mission is clear: take a wrecking ball to the vast liberal bureaucracy so we can return power to our states and our people.  I will not fail in this mission and I am honored you have given me the opportunity to do so.

Thank You!

It is critical for the future of our nation that we unite to defeat the Obama/Clinton machine in November.  This is OUR MOMENT to recapture our nation and focus our priorities on strengthening our military, securing our borders, and greatly limiting the power of government so our families and small businesses can be empowered to create a stronger economy and more job opportunities.

This is a fight that I will take on every day.

Thank you again!  On to November!


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