Rep. Kevin Brady Shares Legislative Update, Memorial Day Perspective
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Rep. Kevin Brady Shares Legislative Update, Memorial Day Perspective
May 22, 2017

Via Patch

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid the hubbub in Washington, DC, the Ways & Means Committee continues its laser focus on our once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix Washington’s broken tax code – and finish it this year.

We continue to meet frequently with President Trump’s tax team and Senate leaders to work together toward a unified tax reform plan to grow jobs, grow wages and grow America’s economy.

Last week our committee held a major congressional hearing where business people representing from 80 middle class workers up to 80,000, urged Congress to “go bold, go permanent and go now” to make American workers and businesses competitive again.

It won’t be easy.

Special interests, lobbyists and media like the Houston Chronicle continue to defend the status quo which favors foreign workers and products over American workers and products.

But a new Harvard-Harris poll shows 62% of registered voters – and 80 percent of Trump voters – support ending the “Made in America’ tax by border adjusting our taxes like our competitors China, Europe and Mexico already do.

It’s really a simple question: Do we continue Washington’s current practice that gives special tax breaks to foreign products over American products or do we begin to tax all products equally in America?

Today’s outdated tax code encourages American businesses to move their jobs and companies overseas. The House Blueprint ends these lobbyist loopholes and creates strong incentives to move jobs, plants and new research back to the U.S.

Which do you support?


My friend Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack is being sued in federal court by an extreme anti-religious organization because of his courtroom tradition of having a guest chaplain offer an invocation before each session of court in Montgomery County. His practice is warmly received by his constituents, and also respects the rights of those who wish not to participate. It has already been upheld twice in Texas.

Make no mistake, this hollow federal lawsuit is designed specifically to intimidate Judge Mack and others who refuse to erase religion from American public life. I am working with Judge Mack’s legal team to ensure this federal lawsuit fails. I hope you’ll stand with Judge Mack and support his courageous fight for religious freedom.


Monday, May 29 is Memorial Day when we honor those military members who gave the last full measure in service to our nation.

Among many memorials that day, I will join my brother, U.S. Army Command Sgt.Maj. Matthew Brady, as he keynotes the Memorial Day event that evening at the HEARTS Museum in Huntsville.

True heroes are those who selflessly put their own lives in jeopardy to save others.

Sgt. Truman Kimbro of Madisonville was one such hero who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II in Belgium.

Assigned to prevent German tanks from attacking retreating American soldiers, Sgt. Kimbro singlehandedly crawled into the crossroad to lay anti-tank mines. Though mortally wounded, he completed his mission saving countless American lives.

On Memorial Day we stop to thank and honor heroes like Sgt. Truman Kimbro. All their loved ones do is ask that we never forget their sacrifice. Join us that day, or simply say a prayer for them, their families and for our great nation.

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