KEVIN BRADY: ‘Mr. President, No means no’
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KEVIN BRADY: ‘Mr. President, No means no’
March 3, 2016

Via Cypress Creek Mirror

“Mister President, no means no.”

That’s what I told President Obama last week when he pressed again to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Specifically he wants to move remaining detainees to facilities across America. Including suspected terrorists who were arrested as part of an Islamic State recruiting investigation.

For those already released, nearly one out of three rejoined the fight against America and our allies. Commonsense dictates that the president’s proposal is negligent, dangerous and doomed to fail at America’s expense.

Mr. President, the best place for these dangerous terrorist detainees is not in our back yards. I have no confidence in your plan that has been seven years in the making. Let me make one thing clear: Under my watch, you will not bring GTMO detainees to our neighborhoods, schools and community.

Congress says no. Americans say no. The law you signed clearly says no. Mr. President, what part of ‘no means no’ don’t you understand?


My colleagues and I in the House of Representatives are committed to preventing foreign terrorists traveling and bringing their jihadist war to America. Last week, we passed measures to combat foreign terrorists’ travel to the U.S. and require the White House to account for every individual coming and going to countries with terrorist ties like Iraq and Syria.

Terrorist travel is real. The House has already acted to close the visa waiver loophole by strengthening security measures and stopping Iraqis and Syrians from entering the United States. Now the administration must develop a comprehensive plan to block terrorists traveling to America. We must have a clear strategy that has the confidence of all Americans to keep us safe from foreign and domestic harm.


Last week, an important bill of mine became law that levels the playing field for fair trade and muscles up enforcement laws to crack down on unfair foreign competition. My bill also includes a key provision which my friend Congressman Steve King authored, and I championed, to keep immigration reform out of our trade deals and prevent the current and future administration from including global-warming negotiations in U.S. trade agreements.

By bringing America’s customs and border protections system into the 21st century, this new law focuses on the priorities of the American people — not the priorities of the White House and Washington bureaucrats.


And finally, the passage of the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015 revises a variety of existing programs and regulations to expand access to, and opportunities for hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting.

Supported by over 50 sportsmans’ groups, the SHARE Act targets the Obama White House’s attacks by ensuring future generations have ample access to federal lands to hunt, fish and shoot.

Mr. President, America’s heritage is not something to be regulated. Instead my vote is always to protect Second Amendment rights for future generations.

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