Brady talks national security, economy at town hall
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Brady talks national security, economy at town hall
August 25, 2015

THE WOODLANDS — U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands emphasized three main points to a crowd gathered in the Performing Arts Center at Lone Star College-Montgomery during a town hall meeting Tuesday.

“This war on terrorism is real,” Brady said, addressing the threat of IS to national security. “Islamic State is the best financed, best militarized, most social media adept terrorist organization we have ever faced, and they are all over the globe.”

Brady added that cutting back on military funding is putting Americans abroad and stateside at risk, but insisted on making changes once he gets back to Washington D.C.

“When we go back in September, I don’t care what it takes, we are going to fully fund our military and back them 100 percent,” he said.

A few residents addressed their own concerns about national security, asking Brady his thoughts on the nuclear agreement with Iran, which would free up $150 billion of Iran’s assets, which was the Congressman’s second point.

“This is bad,” Brady said. “This is bad for our security and certainly for Israel. This is a death sentence.”

Brady told attendees that three key questions should be drawn from the agreement.

“Does this stop Iran from nuclear capabilities for the long term? No. Does it stop the spread of nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East? The answer is the same, in the short run, certainly not. Will this make America safer, and will it make our ally Israel more superior? The answer there, clearly, is no,” he said.

Brady’s final point was focused on the deficit and jobs.

According to Brady, “the biggest challenge our country faces is we have a government living far beyond its means.”
Brady said that spending cuts and job creation are what the U.S. needs to recover, albeit a slow process.

“This is the slowest economic recovery in half a century,” Brady said. “A family of four in Texas today is missing $1000 per month from their family paycheck.”

Brady said free trade answers the question of who has the power to decide what products are on the shelves and their cost.

He added that when the House meets again next month, they’ll vote to lift the decades-long ban on crude oil exports and limits on natural gas.

“If America sells just a normal amount (of energy) around the world, jobs will grow and Texas will create 120,000 new jobs,” he said.

Brady also reiterated the importance of healthcare to the crowd, saying that other pressing issues will not leave the pertinent topic overlooked.

Congressman Brady also urged attendees to call his office if they had any questions or concerns about any of the issues addressed during the meeting.

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